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Visibly see the cooking progress as the oven works

Prática is a foodservice equipment manufacturer that makes high-speed ovens for pizzas, chicken wings, tortillas, empanadas, and more! With our ventless technology, there is no need for hoods. Our high-speed ovens are easy to use and maintain. Prática’s ovens help you make quality food without waste. We provide all the necessary tools and accessories you’ll need.

Prática’s speed ovens are ultra-fast, high-performing ovens used for preparing, and finishing, fresh, refrigerated, or frozen foods. Each use results in excellent appearance, crunchiness, and taste.

With cutting-edge technology, the ovens work with multiple heat sources, such as impinged hot air, microwave, and direct radiation. They are equipped with a ventless system through an easily removable catalytic converter and require no extraction hood for operation, making them easy to clean and maintain.

With a friendly touch screen interface, Prática speed ovens have easy operation and quick preparations, are ideal for service with agility and quality.