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Unboxing Prática High-Speed Ovens

Congratulations on your purchase of our high-speed oven!


We understand that unboxing and installing a new appliance can bring up questions and require some guidance. To ensure your safety and guarantee a proper installation, we have put together a set of instructions for you to follow.

After reviewing all of these instructions, you will have the knowledge and guidance needed to successfully unbox and install your high-speed oven, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience as you begin to explore its impressive features.

Before initiating the unboxing and installation process, please read and familiarize yourself with all the following items:

Instructions for Unboxing and Installation:

1. Unboxing the Oven:

 – Start by pushing the cardboard box containing the oven upside down and remove it from the oven. Dispose of the box properly, following the recycling guidelines in your area.
– Additionally, remove the cleaning kit box from the base of the oven.

2. Moving the Oven:

– Gather at least two people to assist you in moving the oven. Having enough manpower is crucial to ensure the safe handling of the appliance.
– Avoid attempting to move the oven alone, as it can be dangerous and may lead to injuries.
– Use proper lifting techniques.

– Do not use the oven door handle for moving or lifting the oven, as it is not designed to support its weight. Doing so will immediately void your warranty. Instead, grasp the oven from its sides or base, depending on its design, to ensure safe handling.

3. Positioning the Oven:

 – Carefully lift and move the oven from its base, ensuring a secure grip and evenly distributing the weight among the individuals assisting you.
– Take your time and be cautious while maneuvering the oven to avoid accidents or damage.
– Position the oven on a counter or platform that is strong and sturdy enough to support its weight. (Please refer to the oven’s spec sheet to check its weight)
– Ensure that the counter is level and can accommodate the dimensions of the oven properly.
– Check if the legs on the oven are leveled at the same height for stability.

4. Checking the Surroundings:

 – Before finalizing the oven placement, check the surroundings to ensure it is not positioned beside any sources of steam, fat grease, or powder that could potentially damage the appliance or pose a safety hazard.

5. Temperature and Ventilation:

– Verify if the room temperature is within the acceptable range specified in the oven’s user manual or installation instructions. Excessive heat can affect the oven’s performance and safety.
– Ensure the oven has the correct clearance for ventilation, as outlined in its spec sheet or installation guidelines. Proper ventilation is vital for efficient operation and to prevent overheating.

6. Electrical Requirements:

– Ensure the correct voltage and outlet as specified by the unit’s spec sheet to prevent any electrical issues or damage to the oven.
Before powering up the oven, remove the owner’s manual and any packaging materials that may be inside the oven.

By following these instructions, you will be able to safely unbox and install your high-speed oven. We hope this guide has provided you with the necessary information to set up your oven effectively. If you have any further questions or require additional assistance, please consult the owner’s manual or contact our customer support team:

[email protected]

(214) 222-2455

Enjoy your new high-speed oven and the delicious meals it will help you prepare!