Ventless Speed Ovens for Cafés & Breweries

For quick-service food establishments—such as cafés and corner bakeries—utilizing a countertop high-speed oven can make a huge difference. Speed ovens for cafés and breweries allow you to provide quality hot menu items within minutes.

Ideas for Baking in a Speed Oven and Expand your Menu

With the capacity to quickly and evenly crisp and caramelize, countertop high-speed ovens are an ideal choice for quick service menu items and various baked goods. From quickly reheating biscuits and scones to crisping sandwiches and cooking pizzas, rapid cook ovens can work with an expanded menu.

Best Practices for Using a Speed oven in Cafés & Bakeries

  1. Before setting up a routine recipe’s time duration, make sure you perform a couple of test runs and adjust the time accordingly.
  2. Be sensible to portion sizes: Recipes in the oven will change based on the amount and size of what is being cooked in the oven. Be aware the greater the amount the more heat is required to achieve the desired result.
  3. Avoid cooking moisture-sensitive baked goods: Again, speed ovens can improve speed and evenness for most dishes; however, some baked goods do not react well to high-speed convection ovens. This is mostly true with fresh doughs that need to rise. Rising is not something we can speed up and requires time for it to happen. A speed oven can get you the desired results with frozen or chilled products.

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