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High-Speed Oven for Coffee Shops

Prática’s High-Speed Ovens: Enriching coffee shop culinary offerings

  • Lightning-fast cooking times for efficient service in busy coffee shop environments
  • Streamlined operations to handle high volumes without compromising quality
  • Versatile cooking capabilities for a diverse range of delectable treats
  • Precise temperature and humidity control for consistent and mouthwatering results
  • Advanced safety features ensure a secure cooking environment
  • Energy-efficient design reduces costs and supports sustainability 


Expand your menu, maximize your profits, and minimize your operational costs.

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Download our Coffee Shop Cookbook here

Rapid Ovens for Coffee Shops

We understand the importance of providing more than just a perfect cup of coffee. Amplify your coffee shop’s culinary offerings with Prática’s ventless smart high-speed ovens!

Expand your menu and delight your customers with an irresistible selection of treats that perfectly complement your beverage selection.

Operating our high-speed ovens is a breeze, allowing you to deliver delightful treats in no time. Once your personalized settings and recipes are set, simply select the desired recipe from the user-friendly interface to initiate the cooking process. The oven will seamlessly execute the recipe based on the established settings, guaranteeing consistent quality and flavors.

Unleash your creativity and craft a memorable dining experience that keeps customers returning for more.

FIT EXPRESS is our newest model, it has a smaller footprint.

Perfect for: sub sandwiches, chicken wings, paninis, breakfast sandwiches, and more.

Available in three different colors: burnt orange, black, and silver.

Sources of heat: impinged air (high-speed air blast), and microwaves.

Learn more about the FIT EXPRESS High-speed commercial oven here.

ROCKET EXPRESS is similar to the COPA EXPRESS, but for larger businesses and larger portions.

Perfect for: sub sandwiches, chicken wings, paninis, breakfast sandwiches, and more.

Sources of heat: microwave, impinged air (high-speed air blast), and the IR element.

Learn more about ROCKET EXPRESS High-speed commercial oven here.


Perfect for: Pizzas, Flatbreads, Cookies, and more.

Sources of heat: impinged air (high-speed air blast), and infrared radiation.

The options available are: single and double. The double is a stacked version of the single one, each chamber operates individually.

Learn more about the FORZA STi High-speed commercial oven here.


Perfect for: sub sandwiches, chicken wings, paninis, breakfast sandwiches, and more.

Available in three different colors: burnt orange, black, and silver.

Sources of heat: microwave, impinged air (high-speed air blast), and the IR element.

COPA EXPRESS is ideal for small to medium businesses.

Learn more about COPA EXPRESS High-speed commercial oven here.

Customize the recipes

Find below the Coffee Shop Cookbook; it has been curated with recipes tailored specifically for our high-speed ovens, considering the atmosphere of coffee shops.

It serves as a valuable starting point by offering you settings based on the recipes tested in our kitchen.

You have the flexibility to customize cooking parameters according to your preferences, empowering you to achieve the perfect textures and flavors envisioned for your business.

These recipes are not only examples but also sources of inspiration. Feel free to create additional recipes with different flavors and variations, aligning them with your unique menu.

Our expert team is available to assist you in ongoing support, troubleshooting, and recipe refinement.

[email protected]

+1 214.584.6269

A Wide Range of Menu Options in No Time

The same equipment is able to make many different food items. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to super-fast cooking. Our ovens are lightning quick, giving you the power to serve up a wide range of menu options in no time. From sizzling sandwiches and artisanal pizzas to heavenly pastries and mouthwatering meals, our ovens work their magic, leaving your customers amazed and totally satisfied.

Energy Efficiency: Sustainable Cooking without Compromise

Saving energy and saving the planet go hand in hand. Our high-speed ovens are designed to be energy-efficient, so you can do your bit while saving on costs. They heat up in a flash and use power smartly, so you can focus on serving up tasty dishes with a side of sustainability.

Compact Design for Space-Conscious Establishments​

Don’t sweat the space. Our high-speed ovens are compact yet mighty, fitting into your business with ease. Expand your culinary horizons and get creative without worrying about space limitations.

Ventless Technology​

No hoods needed for operation!

All of Prática’s High-Speed Ovens are Ventless.

The removable catalytic converter turns grease-laden vapor into water, allowing the oven to operate with no need for exhaust hoods.

Since the catalytic converter is removable, it allows operators to perform the cleaning without the need for a maintenance service call.

no need for hoods ventless high speed oven certified with easily removable catalytic converter

Recipes suggestions for coffee shops


Freshly warmed pastries. Our high-speed ovens efficiently heat refrigerated pastries, ensuring quick and fresh serving. Your customers will enjoy the enticing aroma and delicious taste of these delightful treats.


By keeping sandwiches frozen or refrigerated and utilizing our high-speed ovens upon customer orders, coffee shops minimize food waste while serving fresh and hot sandwiches. With this efficient approach, coffee shops can streamline their operations, ensuring prompt service without compromising on quality.


The cheese melts, the fillings warm up, and the bread gets perfectly toasted. Our high-speed ovens make it quick and easy for your customers to savor delicious, toasted panini in no time.

Breakfast Sandwich

Crispy bread, melted cheese, and flavorful fillings create a mouthwatering dish. These sandwiches are quick, convenient, and satisfying. Reduce waste by storing them frozen or refrigerated and utilize our highspeed ovens for fresh, made-to-order sandwiches.

Egg Bites

An amazing combination of fluffy eggs and savory ingredients, egg bites are a healthy and quick option for your customers. Whether freshly cooked or warmed from refrigeration, our high-speed ovens offer versatility for making egg bites.


Our high-speed ovens turn frozen pancakes into warm and fluffy delights. Your customers will enjoy the comforting aroma and delicious taste as each pancake cooks to perfection. Quick and efficient, these pancakes are a convenient option.


Quick and convenient, these waffles are a tasty option for a satisfying breakfast. Utilize our high-speed ovens to efficiently heat and revive frozen waffles, serving your customers with speed and efficiency. Improve your breakfast menu with these tempting treats, minimizing waste by storing them frozen until ready to serve.


Easily bake a batch of perfect cookies with our high-speed ovens. Simply place the cookie dough on the tray, and watch as multiple units of delicious cookies bake to perfection. Enjoy the aroma of freshly baked cookies filling the air, enticing your customers with their irresistible scent.

Fried eggs

Utilize high-speed ovens to “fry” eggs: convenient, consistent, and healthier. Save money, and space—no stovetop required. No frying smell. Embrace a time-saving, healthier cooking method.


Our high-speed ovens excel at toasting bread, whether for standalone toasts or as part of a delicious sandwich. Enjoy perfectly toasted bread that adds a delightful crunch to your meals.

Schedule a demo session and test your products. Get in touch with us today and let’s embark on a culinary adventure that’ll leave your customers craving more. It’s time to take your establishment to the next level – we’ve got your back! E-mail [email protected] or phone +1 214-584-6269

The timings and settings we provide are based on the tests conducted in our test kitchen. Results may vary.

The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product.

Consistency: The Key to Memorable Dining Experiences

Consistency is the secret ingredient to a memorable dining experience, and our high-speed ovens have it down to a science. They use advanced cooking technologies to ensure your dishes turn out perfectly every single time. No more hit or miss – just incredible taste and texture that’ll have your guests coming back for more.

We get it – you want to get things done efficiently without compromising on quality. Our high-speed ovens make it happen. They’re like superheroes in your kitchen, helping your chefs and kitchen staff handle high volumes of orders like champs. Faster service, higher productivity, and a happy team – it’s a win-win.

With a friendly touchscreen interface, Prática speed ovens have easy operation and quick preparations and are ideal for service with agility and quality.

What is the best high-speed oven for my business?

Ideal for quick service sites, Prática’s commercial high-speed ovens ensure you get the finish you want at ultra-fast speeds, without compromising taste or texture.

Check out all our high-speed ovens models by clicking here.

Contact us and find the right commercial high-speed oven for your business!

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